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A Beautiful Way to Kick Off your Holiday Season!

St George Dance Company presents, Hope of the World, A Nativity of Music and Dance, an inspirational collaborative production that draws you into the spirit of Christmas. It tells the story of the events leading up to and including the birth of Jesus Christ~ but in a whole new way: through the powerful mediums of dance and music! Come reflect on the most miraculous and important event ever, through the perspectives of Mary, Joseph, angels, Elizabeth, children, faithful people of the time, Shepherds and Wisemen. Featuring Erica Bryce and Troy McGee, SGDance Company, DSU dancers, and community dancers, it will be presented at the DSU Eccles Main Stage Theater November 26th, 27th, and 29th at 7:30 pm. Conveyed through contemporary ballet and modern styles of six different choreographers, there is something for everyone!

This production was designed to lift the spirits of many in a time of discord and struggle by witnessing of the Savior Jesus Christ and by sharing His message of love, hope, and peace.

Hope of the World includes tidbits of narration to make it easily understood by those new to dance or to the story itself and is recommended for ages 4 and up. It is directed by Andrielle Davidson and Lisa Clements and is sponsored by SGDance Company, DSU Dean of Students, St. George City RAP Tax, Utah Arts and Museums, Madsen Homes, SUHBA, and Menchies.

Come join us! You are in for a special evening that will set the tone for a season of joy!

What people are saying:

“It was so beautifully done and very touching in the portrayal of the birth of Christ, in a way that I had not seen and in ways that I had not appreciated before. One of my favorite scenes is the portrayal of Joseph when struggling with what was happening with Mary, then Gabriel appears, and later Mary enters. It brought me tears for several minutes each time I experienced it. I loved the production from the first scene to the last note and couldn't help hiding in the wings of the stage to watch it from start to finish. I was grateful that I had decided to sacrifice a little time at a busy season to experience such a wonderful treasure in adoration of the Savior and those important souls that played a key part in His birth.” ~Shane Johansen

“It’s so beautiful and original to see the Nativity danced. It’s so refreshing at Christmas time to see something so meaningful and good. I felt like the quality of the choreography, dancing and singing was amazing!!! People that I brought (that I thought maybe it would be a little too artistic for them) absolutely loved it. I’ve never heard of anybody coming to the show and not loving it.”

“Narrative, musical score, live accompaniment, collaboration, powerful storytelling”

“Beautifully spiritual, a different approach to the story”

“The message! I loved being involved with this celebration!"

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